2018-04-14 / The Rock

Person band, chorus make ‘Music in Our Schools’


The Person County Schools Bands and Chorus recently came together to perform for parents, students and the public.

Senior Sarah Williford was excited for her final Music in Our School performance as a member of the in the Person High School Chorus.

“I wasn’t nervous and I thought that the performance was a great representation for the school,” Williford said.

“The performance was overall very good and many people were there to watch.”

The students had to wear their choral attire and the band also had to dress up. There were no soloists but every school student sang or played an instrument.

Person High School, Northern and Southern middle schools participated in the event and performed songs such as Women’s Ensemble, Seal Lullaby, Festival Sanctus and Earth Song Witness.

¨The Earth Song Witness was my favorite song because it was beautiful and very deep,” Williford said.

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