2018-03-10 / The Bullhorn

A Math Boost controversy

Reading Counts (RC) is a program in which students have a goal set for a certain number of points. You get these points by reading books and taking tests on them. However, not all students get to participate in RC.

The students that are enrolled in Math Boost do not have the opportunity to participate in this program. Math Boost is an additional math class that some students take if they need extra help with math. For the students who do not have math boost, they take either academic success, which teaches important life skills, or English language arts (reading) boost, which is another class that people take if they need extra help in reading.

Some think it may not be fair that math boost students do not get to participate in RC. And some, on the other hand, think it is fair. And there are some, like seventh grade student James Stephens, who takes academic success, who can see both sides of the story.

“I think that it is not fair that math boost students don’t even get a chance to try RC,” said Stephens. “But they also have to focus on other things.”

What do math boost students think about this though? When talking to seventh grade math boost student Luke Haden, he said, “I don’t want to have RC.” Personally though, as a math boost student, I am furious that math boost does not have even an opportunity. I can understand though about how in some situations that it might happen.

Whatever someone’s opinions may be, most are thinking, “Who is responsible for this?” In most situations like this, most would think that it was an administrative decision. On the contrary, middle school principal Mrs. Donna Ingram, says otherwise. She said, “This was not an administrative decision, it was an issue with scheduling.”

Mrs. Ingram said that she would keep it in mind and it could possibly change next year. So, be on the lookout next year for math boost students doing RC.

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