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Local man faces seven drug charges after arrest

A Roxboro man is facing multiple felony drug charges after his arrest Feb. 5.

Darrick Dion Cook, 28, of 72 Hidden Lane, Roxboro was arrested for felony possession with intent to distribute a Schedule II drug; felony possession with intent to distribute a Schedule III drug; an unspecified felony drug violation; and four misdemeanor charges for possession of drugs. He was confined to the Person County jail under $50,000 secured bond.

The drugs were subutex, oxycodone, alprazolam, cocaine and marijuana.

Sheriff ’s deputies arrested Cook after keeping surveillance on his house. When he left as a passenger in a vehicle, deputies followed the vehicle and pulled it over after the driver failed to give a turn signal. On observing Cook, Deputy Jimmy Wilburn saw him trying to hide something. They eventually recovered subutex pills, as well as oxycodone, xanax, alprazolam and co- caine. $685 in cash was also seized from his pants. A small jar was also found in his jacket pocket that contained marijuana wax.


An Oxford man was arrested Feb. 7 on a felony charge of aggravated assault, malicious conduct by a prisoner after an altercation at the Person County jail.

Douglas Bernard Clayton, 35, of 6685 Alvis Brooks Road, Oxford was charged with the offense as well as one unspecified misdemeanor.

According to the incident report, the situation developed when Sgt. Kevin Morris and Capt. Rodney Chandler were in the office of Chief Deputy Kevin Crabtree when traffic came over the scanner indicating problems with a prisoner downstairs at the jail. There they found Clayton, who had already been pepper strayed, but nevertheless remained combative. Clayton refused to be handcuffed so Morris took out his taser and dry stunned him.

Clayton remained combative, swinging his arms and legs. Eventually he was cuffed and taken upstairs for booking. He was then taken to a padded cell and deputies tried to remove his cuffs but he again became combative and at one point spit at Morris.

Several officers got involved and removed his cuffs while leaving him in a padded cell. The other officers involved were George Tingen, Andy Foley, James Royster and Kevin Carter.

A court date has been set for April 3.


Timothy Ray Lowery, 27, of 1064 Concord Ceffo Road, Roxboro, was arrested Feb. 16 for misdemeanor assault on an officer and misdemeanor possession of marijuana. He was confined to Person County jail under a $9,990 bond.

According to the incident report, Roxboro Officer K.W. Fitzsimmons tried to stop Lowery for allegedly traveling left of center. According to the officer, Lowery exited the vehicle but refused to cooperate with Fitzsimmons.

Lowery allegedly assaulted Fitzsimmons when he threw a bag of food and drinks on the officer. During the ensuing physical confrontation officers deployed pepper spray to subdue Lowery.

“Our officers face dangers every time they stop a car,” said police Chief David Hess. “We routinely hear the public ask why we stop cars for minor traffic violations instead of doing more important things. This is an example of how a traffic stop for an infraction turns dangerous in a matter of seconds. Officers may have prevented violence from occurring to someone else that night by enforcing a traffic infraction.”

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