2017-10-14 / The Rock

Sarah Boone named Student of the Week

Sarah Boone at a volleyball game. Sarah Boone at a volleyball game. Blakely Lord, one of the English teachers at Person High School, said a person that has stood out is Sarah Boone. Boone is in Lord’s honor English III class.

Lord said, “I love the way she gets along with everyone.”

Also, Lord said Boone balances her school work with her sport. She is quiet but when it’s time to get involved in class discussion or projects she is there speaking up and getting involved.

Lord said Boone is also mature.

Those are some of the reasons why Lord thinks Boone should be the student of the week.

Sarah Boone plays volleyball for Person High School but also plays travel volleyball outside of the season. Boone said she really enjoys both.

She manages her time so she is able to get her school work done and keep her grades high.

“If someone is in need of help I am more than willing to help them out as best as I can,” said Boone.

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