2017-10-14 / The Rock

Rex Bowling nominated as Teacher of the Week

By Makayla Talley

Rex Bowling Rex Bowling “His work ethic, willingness, and for him to step up when he sees the need,” are some of the ways that Chris Tomasic described Rex Bowling, the Teacher of the Week.

Tomasic nominated Bowling as teacher of the week.

Bowling is the carpentry teacher at Person High School (PHS) and it is his fourth year working as a teacher.

He teaches both carpentry 1 and 2. He said that he has “been a carpenter for 35 years” and that he just recently got “licensed as a general contractor.”

When asked why he went to college, he said, “I went to a technical college to enhance my resume and advance my career.”

He also said, “I didn’t have any idea what to do in the future.”

The reason why he wanted to teach at Person was “the location was one, and the other was that I have respect for Mrs. Bradsher.”

Mrs. Bradsher was last week’s teacher of the week.

Outside of school, Bowling has been active in projects that are helpful to the community.

During this summer, he said that he helped on a building project with Habitat for Humanity and “worked on a project to make a planter box for the city library.”

When asked what advice he wanted to give to the new upcoming students in the school, he said, “To come to class everyday and be respectful.”

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