2017-09-30 / The Rock

Isaiah Lipscomb chosen as Student of the Week

Isaiah Lipscomb has been named “Student of the Week.” He was nominated by Person High School (PHS) English teacher Tracey Jones-Allen.

“Isaiah deserves recognition for his hard work,” said Jones-Allen. “He has been diligent in class work, as well as completing work outside of the classroom. He has kept a positive attitude and looks to participate in class.”

Lipscomb is a senior who hopes to attend Appalachian State University to study graphic design.

“Five years from now I will be getting out of college and pursuing my career in graphic design and maybe even try to start my own business in animation,” said Lipscomb. “Maybe not in the next five years exactly, but at some point, I do want to start my own business to have more control of what I do with my life and create my own career.”

When asked how would he describe himself, Lipscomb said, “I would describe myself as different. I don’t usually go on the same trends or go by the same fashions as the majority. I would also describe myself as a very creative person because of all the artwork I’ve done and like to do.”

He also mentioned that his favorite subject in school is gym because he likes to be active and run around, rather than just sitting at a desk.

“I enjoy being active. I don’t really enjoy sitting in a classroom because I like moving and working out or even just doing physical work outside.”

When asked which famous person, dead or alive, would he like to have dinner with and why, Lipscomb chose J. Cole because he feels they could talk about important and deep topics.

“I feel like we could have some really deep conversations and we would probably eat at some place simple like Olive Garden.”

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