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RCS named North Carolina Top 10 School on Vocabulary.com

By Mackenzie Clayton
Bullhorn Report er

For the 2017-18 school year, Roxboro Community School (RCS) students have been using a new academic program called Vocabulary.com.

Students in classes around the school have been using the website, and teachers have seen positive results.

Vocabulary.com is a website that combines words and definitions into adaptive learning games that will help students grow their vocabulary skills.

Since students have started using the program at RCS, it has become one of the top scoring schools in the state.

In August 2017, RCS was awarded “North Carolina State Top 10 School” for scoring a total of 1,982 points on the program in just the first two weeks of the school year.

Referring to the hard work that students have put into the program, Darkarai Bryant, RCS high school principal, said, “I believe the effort put in will pay huge dividends for our students individually and for our school as a whole.”

Sara Morrow, eighth grade English teacher, started using the program at the beginning of the school year.

Morrow said her current eighth grade students like the layout of the website and enjoy using it more than past resources, such as Wordly Wise.

Wordly Wise is another vocabulary website that has different lessons to enhance vocabulary and reading comprehension.

“It’s not just for language arts; it’s for math, it’s for social studies, it’s for science. The more vocabulary you have, the better you read,” said Morrow when talking about the advantages of the new website.

So far, most reading classes use the program, but the school hopes to expand to all subjects.

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