2017-04-29 / The Rock

Reception held for former PHS students

Noah Chambers and Hunter Williams

On Thursday, April 20, Person County invited all high school seniors to receptions at eight elementary schools — Oak Lane, Helena, South, North, North End, Woodland, Stories Creek, and Bethel Hill Charter School.

The receptions were a time for students to be remembered and congratulated by former teachers and administrators.

Former Bethel Hill Charter student, Xachory Chapman, laughed as he shared how former BHCS principal, John Betterton, “brought out some of our first grade work and showed it, including student handwritten recipes with unreasonable ingredient measurements and five second cook times.”

Former Stories Creek student, Meghan McCowan, said, “It felt great to go back to Stories Creek and see all my old friends and teachers. It was like nothing had changed, and we all picked up right where we left off. We are still one big family.”

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