2017-04-01 / The Rock

President of Charles Dickens Fellowship speaks

By Gavin Goodwin and Brittany Annes

On Tuesday March 14, Professor Elliot Engel visited Person High School to give mini lectures on three legendary authors.

Engel has a M.A and Ph.D as a Woodrow WIlson Fellow at UCLA. He taught at the University of North Carolina Chapel HIll, North Carolina State University, and Duke University.

Today, he travels to schools internationally lecturing to audiences about famous literary authors. He lectured on Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe, and Mark Twain while visiting PHS.

Engel held three sessions throughout the day in the media center. In each session, Engel gave an account of each author’s life and provided an overview of their literary works.

“He [Engel] told us about how every one of Dickens’ works could be traced back to that one story, which I thought was pretty cool,” said Rachel Lewis, an English teacher at PHS.

Lewis, who went to the session about Charles Dickens, listened to Engel tell about a horror story Dickens’ nanny told him every night for two years beginning when he was only three years old.

The story was about Captain Cannibal feeding on beautiful women and eventually a girl poisons herself to stop the man. He explained how every one of Dickens’ works could be traced back to that one story.

“I thought the presentation was really interesting. The story was really crazy,” said Daiquan Fuller, a 10th grade English II Honors student.

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