2016-04-09 / Word on the Street

Word on the Street

This week’s question:

ted cruz is surging in the republican primaries and cat ching up to Donald Trump. do you think this is good or bad for the republican party and why?

Sam DiBlasi

It is great for the Republican Party and the country. The country has only seen two true conservatives in the office of the president and both times it was good for the country. I am a small government, low tax guy. The less government intrusion, the better.

kenny rickman

A Trump-Cruz ticket would be a complete winner. Trump is extremely smart business-wise, and Cruz is a strong conservative. I would vote for either one in a national election.

essence johnson

It could be good or bad no matter who wins. It all depends on who has the best plan if they get in the White House and if they are really able to execute it.

mike runkle

It is a good thing because Cruz is not the hothead that Trump is. But when it comes right down to it, I would vote for Trump. I am a Republican and would never vote Democratic.

Editor’s note: Each week, we are venturing out onto the streets of Roxboro looking for Personians to feature and to answer our question of the week for one of our regular features, Word on the Street.

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