2015-11-07 / The Bullhorn

Bulldog signs a song

By Delaney Sullivan
Bullhorn Editor

Baylor Howerton Baylor Howerton Baylor Howerton, a Roxboro Community School (RCS) freshman, is traveling to Lincoln, Nebraska this weekend to compete in the Sign-A-Song competition.

The contest is put on by the Grange, a grass roots non-profit agricultural organization that was started in response to the Civil War that now promotes the economic and political well-being of the community and agriculture. It started out as secret organization – it even had a secret code.

Howerton discovered the camp the Grange hosts to get younger members to join. The organization has been around for about 148 years and the camp has been around for 75.

The Sign-A-Song competition started in February when Howerton went to Asheboro, and won. She went on to Knoxville, Tennessee, and tied for first place. Now, Howerton is going to nationals.

“I will admit that only two people, including myself, have been at both of the competitions,” Howerton said, laughing. “This is the first year that I have competed in anything for the Grange.”

Howerton has been attending Grange camp for seven years, and the camp is what originally got her interested in sign language.

“We would have these talent shows at camp and a few girls would go and sign a song. I thought that was so cool and decided to start,” said Howerton.

She has been teaching herself sign language for around a year, but she said there is still so much she has to learn. She decided to learn through songs because it helps her remember the words better.

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