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City to consider third round of bids for Ridge Road, Chub Lake intersection project


Roxboro City Council will consider a third round of bids for reconstruction of the intersection at Ridge Road and Chub Lake Street when it meets Monday at 9 a.m. in observance of Local Government Day in the council chamber of city hall, located at 105 S. Lamar St.

The purpose of the project is to provide a left turning lane on Ridge Road so that vehicles will be able to turn right onto Chub Lake Street without having to wait for left-turning traffic, thus improving air quality by cutting down on vehicles’ idling time.

The project is being completed through a Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) grant.

A stoplight will also be placed at the intersection, allowing vehicles to turn right on red from Ridge Road onto Chub Lake Street.

Bids were first opened in 2013, said Assistant City Manager Tommy Warren, but the city did not receive the amount of bids required on the first round of bidding in order to award the bid.

Warren said various factors prevented the city from reopening the bidding process until a year later, and by the November deadline, two bids had been submitted for consideration. Both, said Warren, were substantially over budget and no bid was awarded at that time.

After having some geotechnical work done on the rock in the project area in hopes of receiving lower bids, the city opened the project up for bids a third time on March 4, said Warren. Two bids were received, with Fred Smith Company presenting the low bid at $464,100. The other bid, from Triangle Grading, came in at $534,069.50.

Information provided to council stated that the low bid was over the estimated cost, and that the city would have to cover approximately $279,170 of the project cost. The North Carolina Department of Transportation is contributing about $297,769 to the project.

Because of the use of both federal and state funds for the project, Warren said the city must follow federal guidelines in the bidding process. In discussions with the project engineer, Warren determined that based upon the small size of the project, the design could not be changed to decrease the cost.

He noted in the information provided to council that if the contract were awarded, the city would work with the contractor to see if there were ways the cost could be reduced.

Warren is recommending that the city award the project to Fred Smith Company.

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