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‘Always remember and never forget’

“Always remember and never forget.”  That was the prevailing message delivered to the Rotary Club of Roxboro Thursday by Joe Dittmar.  More...

Light in the darkness for Democrats

RALEIGH Earlier this year, state Sen. Ben Clark, a Hoke County Democrat, became a hero for a day among his party and environmentalists when his amendment to require more well water testing near future fracking sites passed the Senate. More...

What largely explains the drop


RALEIGH The next time you see or hear a politician, policy analyst, activist, or journalist say that North Carolina’s unemployment rate has fallen “largely” because of workers dropping out of the labor force, ask for a definition of the term. More...

Political Cartoon

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Political Cartoon

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‘Things that make you go hmmmm’

To the editor:  I find it very interesting that the state and/or county can find the money to put stop signs on Hurdle Mills Road where they are not needed, but can’t seem to put brine, salt or sand on the same road past the 9600 block bef More...

‘More and better jobs come with more and better businesses’

To the editor:  In the Wednesday, July 2 edition, the NAACP advocated that if the tax cut on the “wealthy” were repealed then there would be plenty of money for social welfare programs.  The tax cut for the “wealthy” More...

Pulse Poll

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