2014-03-22 / Education

SMS students learn financial skills

The Southern Middle School Career Decisions Exploring Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship course recently held a Students at Work Day with guest Casey Adams of State Employees Credit Union providing some real-life activities for the students. Each student was given a different job with a different education that ranged from being a truck driver (high school diploma), pharmacist (college degree), police officer (technical degree), waiter/waitress (high school drop out), and many more. Students had to take their monthly salaries and try to figure out what they could afford and what they couldn’t. They had to buy a car, house and insurance, and pay for utilities, groceries and cell phones. If they were parents they had to purchase some type of healthcare for their child. All in all, they were simply balancing their own checkbooks. Adams broke down each step of the process for the students and showed them how important it was to learn these skills now.

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