2014-03-01 / The Rock

“The Rock” Star of the Week: Markeith Gentry

By Amber Conche and Andrea Alcantara

Student Council president, black belt, percussion captain, AP student, full time cashier at Food Lion, and A honor roll student are all titles held by Markeith Gentry.

Person High School (PHS) counselor Mrs.White nominated Gentry as the most qualified to be this week’s Rock Star of the Week.

“My parents and my family allowed me to get to where I am today,” said The Rock Star proudly.

Gentry said his motivation is working hard to be the best in everything he does. He also shared with The Rock that his reason for taking higher level classes is to obtain all the education he can while still in high school.

On a more sentimental note, Gentry said PHS teacher Mr. Hargrove and his brother had been an inspiration to him.

“Mr. Hargrove inspired me to stay at my highest level of greatness and motivate others to reach that potential,” said Gentry.

He added, “...My brother, Michael Gentry, inspired me to let God be first in everything I do in life.”

Gentry was accepted to North Carolina Central University and will be attending in the fall. He is undecided about his major.

His one piece of advice to those who don’t feel they are good enough is, “Even when you have tried hard enough and you feel like giving up, keep trying; you’ll succeed in all that you do.”

That is why Markeith Gentry is “The Rock Star of the Week.”

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