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PHS holds winter blood drive

By Amber Conche

Mrs. Mooney takes sign-ups during lunch for the Blood Drive with her HOS A students. Mrs. Mooney takes sign-ups during lunch for the Blood Drive with her HOS A students. On Tuesday, Feb. 4 Person High School held its annual winter blood drive.

This is Person’s second blood drive this school year.

Angela Mooney (Bio-med teacher) is in charge of the blood drive with the help of HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) members.

“We usually have about 120 students who sign up to donate and we always fill up,” said Mooney.

“We also have half of the staff and employees of Person that come to donate as well.”

Students who wanted to donate had to sign up on a chart that Mooney had in her room. They then gave the students the time they have to donate. To qualify to donate blood one must weigh more than 110 pounds, be 17-years-old, and have an I.D. present.

The students and staff participating each donated one pint of blood that could save three lives.

The day of the blood drive there were two mobile units and two phlebotomists, one who removes blood.

A phlebotomist can usually draw blood from two donors at a time.

There are beds for the participants to lay on and rest after donating blood. Participants were also asked to drink water before and after so they would have enough fluids in their blood system.

Before the blood donation, participants were asked a set of questions to determine if there could be problems with their blood.

Staff also checked to see if potential donors were sick or had taken any antibiotics.

Rex Healthcare staff drew the blood and provided snacks and drinks for the patients, and also gave free T-shirts to those who donated.

The blood drive was also open to the public.

Person High School had a turnout of 97 people giving blood, saving approximately 291 lives.

For more information about donating blood, contact Mrs. Mooney at 599-8321 ext.1125 or go online to Rexhealthcare.com.

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