2014-01-25 / The Bullhorn

RCS senior produces 'Wreckage' album

By Kayla Baker

Maggie Harper Maggie Harper Roxboro Community School (RCS) senior Matthew Huff recently released his first ever album, Wreckage.

The recording of the album started on Dec. 8, 2013. The album name, Wreckage comes from Matt’s feeling of a breaking point.

The album consists of seven and one-half songs, all of which are used as a building block, from having felt low to being reassured that everything is okay.

When asked where his inspiration came from for this album, Huff said, “Behind every song there’s a different inspiration. I guess I view it as, God has gifted me with talent and I’d like to use that to reach out to people as a way of comfort.”

Huff ’s songs are Introduction, I Wanna Wish you a Merry Christmas, Aim for the Moon, I’m Right Here, Sunshine, I’m Getting Closer, Sail Away and Wash Me Away, all of which have a different meaning and reason for being written.

His favorite song is, I’m Right Here.

Huff said, “The thing about this song is that it’s written from me to my family and friends in a sense that right now things may not seem perfect, but everything will be okay.”

Huff ’s CD’s are on sale for $10 each. RCS senior Matt Huff has produced his first album.

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