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‘It’s time to rethink the Solid Waste Advisory Committee’

County commissioners will be asked to reform SWAC into Environmental Issues Committee
By Tim Chandler
Courier-Times editor

The Person Board of County Commissioners will consider reforming the current Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC) to become the Environmental Issues Committee (EIC) when it meets Monday night.

The commissioners will meet at 7 p.m. Monday, Jan. 6, in their boardroom on the second floor of the Person County Office Building on Morgan Street.

In a pre-meeting agenda abstract to her fellow commissioners, Blalock wrote, “It is time to rethink the Solid Waste Advisory Committee.

“When it was created it was to be an ad hoc committee,” Blalock added. “Its only goal was and has been solid waste.

“The narrow scope of this committee limits its ability to meet the environmental needs of the county,” Blalock continued. “I am asking that the committee be redesigned to cover the broad scope of the Protect Our Land, Water and Air goal of our strategic plan and become an environmental committee.

According to Blalock, Granville County’s Environmental Affairs Committee is one that uses the principle she is seeking for Person County.

“This group meets every month and tackles any issue regarding the environment,” Blalock wrote. “They have zone members allowing the whole county a venue to bring their concerns.”

Blalock proposes that the Person County EIC could include a county government member, a city government member, and a Person County Recycling Center educator.

In addition, other members of the proposed Person County EIC would be from defined zones throughout Person County. Those zones would include Mt. Tirzah, Timberlake, Hurdle Mills, Bushy Fork, Bethel Hill, Allensville, Roxboro, Olive Hill, Triple Springs, Ceffo, etc.

Blalock is proposing that only zone members be allowed votes on the EIC, thus allowing equal representation throughout the county.

Prior to hearing Blalock’s proposal, commissioners will hear from current SWAC chairman Ken Hill, who will present suggestions from the SWAC on how Person County can increase its recycling totals.

“The ideas include an increase in education, a waste audit of city offices and the city as a whole, and to ‘offer’ grants to businesses to grow recycling infrastructure,” according to a pre-meeting agenda abstract.

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