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Goings on at Oak Lane Elementary School

Ms. Pentecost monitors student progress. Ms. Pentecost monitors student progress. The Oak Lane tradition of excellence is symbolized by a mighty oak tree deeply rooted by a caring atmosphere, community support, parental involvement, individualization, selfdiscipline, innovative instruction, patriotism, traditional values, and respect for others. The fruits of our labors are productive citizens who demonstrate self-respect, community involvement, a lifetime love of learning, successful employment, and selfmotivation.

Oak Lane Elementary School produces successful individuals through combined efforts of caring teachers and supportive staff. All students are expected to work to their highest potential and are encouraged to take pride in their accomplishments. Our mission is discovering the excellence in each of us. We realize this can only be accomplished through the combined efforts of students, faculty, parents, and community. Our purpose is to prepare our students for success in middle and high school and for the future.

A student enjoys a Nook Book. A student enjoys a Nook Book. Oak Lane Elementary is committed to the success of each of our students. As a team we work together to focus on student achievement. All students are expected to work to their highest potential and are encouraged to take pride in their accomplishments. Through the combined efforts our students, our teachers, and our community, we will continue to ensure that Oak Lane students are college and career ready citizens and proud alumni of our school.

Focus on Classrooms


Jenny Hurdle and Chealsea Shaub

Mrs. Hurdle and Ms. Shaub’s kindergarten classes at Oak Lane have enjoyed studying bus safety, friends and families, apples, and spiders. Our students say that centers, computer lab, and Letterland are the best part of the day, along with lunch of course! Everyone has already earned Cougar Cash for having good behavior and they will spend it at the Cougar Store soon.

An Oak Lane student works on a science lesson. An Oak Lane student works on a science lesson. First-grade

Care Bowes and Lila Solomon

Oak Lane’s first-grade cougars, in Mrs. Bowes’ and Mrs. Solomon’s classes are excited to be learning new things together as a team. We are working hard at becoming better readers and better writers. Students are learning how to add and subtract with real world problems. We are becoming better problem solvers and critical thinkers. We are learning how to work in collaborative groups and with partners. Computers are an everyday tool. Students are learning how to use the computer as a learning tool and resource. First-grade cougars are looking forward to a field trip at Camp Chestnut Ridge in the spring where we will learn about science topics related to the first-grade curriculum. We are learning how to be good citizens and take responsibility for ourselves.

Fifth-graders learn during Guided Reading. Fifth-graders learn during Guided Reading. Second-grade

Sherry Johnston, Brittany Chambers and Alyson Wynn

The second-graders are working together as a team to master the Common Core Curriculum. Students answer essential questions daily for each lesson. Learning maps are posted for students to use to help master vocabulary and focus on concepts being taught. The classes have just finished a unit on place value. This is a very hard task for second-graders since the Common Core is more rigorous. Each student must master place value to 1,000. This includes being able to count by fives, tens and hundreds within 1,000. We use a computer program called IXL math to help remediate and to challenge students in math. The children are also using a program called Kid Biz to help with their reading. The Kid Biz program sends current events to the children three times a week based on their reading level. This nonfiction literature helps to improve their reading comprehension throughout the year. We encourage all parents to familiarize themselves with the Common Core and Essential Standards for social studies and science. This curriculum can be found on the Person County website.

2013-14 Oak Lane Elementary School faculty 2013-14 Oak Lane Elementary School faculty Third-grade

Emily Dallas and Martha Tuck

The Wise Owls of third-grade are excited about the new school year. This excitement intensified when each student received a laptop for classroom instruction. Students have been completing research, creating google docs, and setting up email accounts. The content areas of health, science and social studies have been integrated through our literacy instruction. Students have been taught a variety of summarization strategies in multiple genres that illustrate their knowledge of the main idea concept. In math, our focus has been on identifying key words in addition and subtraction word problems. Students are learning to become realworld problem solvers. Becoming independent learners is our goal for this school year!

Students participate in whole group learning. Students participate in whole group learning. Fourth-grade

Amanda Harris and Tyson Pentecost

The fourth-grade teachers are team teaching this year. Miss Pentecost teaches reading and writing and Mrs. Harris teaches math and content (social studies, health and science). The students enjoy switching classrooms and teachers throughout the day. Mrs. Harris enjoys doing math centers with her fourth-graders. This gives the students time to work in small groups with Mrs. Harris, practice the skill being learned, as well as do challenging activities with their groups. Miss Pentecost’s goal this year is to not only teach the reading skills but to help students discover their own passion for reading. She is doing this by introducing students to a variety of picture books, novels and non-fiction books. She believes that children who like to read will read more often, thus becoming better readers.

Students use their resources to find the answers. Students use their resources to find the answers. Fifth-grade

Gay Jones and JoAnne Adams

Do you think you are smarter than a fifth-grader? Do you know the difference between the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems? Can you name the major biomes? Do you know the difference between a decomposer, consumer and producer? Our fifth-graders can answer these questions and so many more. After all, science is all around us and is waiting to be discovered and explored. Oak Lane’s fifth-graders are exploring the world of math. They are learning place value to thousandths and writing these numbers using word, expanded and standard format. Students are learning to multiply and divide by powers of 10 using decimals and understanding exponents. They are enhancing their knowledge by placing numbers on numbers lines and by comparing and rounding decimals.

They are digging deep for clear comprehension of main ideas, supporting, relevant and irrelevant details in our ELA / Reading studies. They are using these strategies to construct a well-developed paragraph to summarize text. Students are utilizing these strategies through novels, articles and Weekly Readers. They are captivated by the Poppy Series and are anxiously awaiting the discovery of what adventures await Poppy in the next book of the series (Poppy and Rye). Who knew reading could be so much fun?

AIG Spotlight

Annette Taylor

The fourth- and fifth-grade AIG students both worked on Project-Based Learning (PBL) units during the first quarter. In PBL, students learn academic content, practice 21st century skills, and create authentic products and presentations. Our fifth-grade students completed a project on a specific career. Students researched the job responsibilities, required education or training, best colleges and cost, expected salary, and the employment outlook for their chosen career. The fourthgrade students completed a project on a specific cancer. Students researched the description, symptoms, risk factors, detection, and treatment of their chosen cancer. Both groups presented their completed projects to an audience using Web 2.0 tools.

Media Center

Nicole Emmert

Oak Lane’s library is an exciting place to learn! The library’s mission is: “Every student, teacher, parent, and patron entering Oak Lane’s media center will be welcomed, greeted, enthusiastically assisted, and introduced to a world of literacy at the point of need and desire.” Technology is integrated with printed materials to support the curriculum and students’ interests. Mrs. Nicole Emmert is Oak Lane’s librarian/media specialist. Mrs. Emmert collaborates with teachers, leads book clubs, assists in classrooms with instruction, maintains the collection, promotes technology usage, and teaches in the library. She also is the testing coordinator and webmaster for the school.

Physical Education

Robin Horner

A quality physical education program is offered to all students on a daily basis for 30 minutes as part of our curriculum at Oak Lane. We use activities from the SPARK Physical Education Program. SPARK (Sports, Play, and Active Recreation for Kids) is a unique program designed to help teachers like myself lead activities that are inclusive, highly active, integrate academic and wellness concepts, and are fun for all students. Our instructional units are also designed to develop students’ motor, cognitive, and social skills. My goal is for every student to feel successful each lesson while promoting teamwork, cooperation, and positive attitudes.

Students in grades 3-5 have been learning about the different components of fitness and will participate in fitness testing. During the fall and spring, students are tested on Cardiovascular/ Aerobic Endurance, Muscular Strength and Endurance, Flexibility, and Body Composition. Students in K-2 have been working on Building a Foundation, which teaches them the skills necessary for safe play during our activities, such as Personal and General Space, Creative Movements, Loco-motor skills, Levels, Pathways, Directions, Tempos, Pairing and Moving together, Cooperation, Dodging, Chasing and Fleeing, Stations and Fitness.

As you can see we have been very busy in our Gym! Students are actively participating while promoting teamwork, cooperation and having positive attitudes in their physical education class.


Oak Lane Art Club

Jennifer Allen, art teacher at Oak Lane Elementary is passionate about art. This passion has led her to help students uncover their own passion for the arts. Mrs. Allen introduces fifthgraders at Oak Lane to OLE Art Club. To be a part of this club, students have to be serious about art, hold an interest in a possible art career, want to learn advanced art skills, submit monthly contest entries, and develop an art portfolio! Art club is in its second-year and set to begin after Winter Recess. Art club is also looking for community and city beautification projects such as murals and public sculptures.

Orff Ensemble Members

Oak Lane Elementary is the home to the only Orff Ensemble in Person County. The Oak Lane Orff Ensemble is dedicated to taking the Orff- Schulwerk process of learning and experiencing elemental music to the next level of experience for elementary age students. About 30 students in the fourth- and fifth-grades volunteer to stay after school on Tuesdays for an additional one and one half hours of music experiences. They are using listening, chanting, singing, movement and instrument playing to take their musical experiences to a higher level of learning beyond the normal general music classroom experience. This group of dedicated and hardworking students is learning music by following the path of imitation, to exploration, and finally improvisation, to learn more about music and themselves. The Orff Ensemble follows the process set in place by Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman, in which students are the decision makers creating their own questions and answers to musical examples. The term Schulwerk means “schooling (in music) through working, that is, through being active and creative.” The Oak Lane Orff Ensemble has performed extensively at Oak Lane PTA meetings, music Informances and for Person County Schools education events.

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