2013-12-14 / The Bullhorn

People in the Hall

Matt Ryan, 12th-grade student: Matt Ryan, 12th-grade student: We asked the question: How do you feel about upcoming exams?

Matt Ryan, 12th-grade student:

“I’m way too stupid to take exams and pass them. I’m not prepared at all and I’ll probably cry during my APUSH (AP U.S. History) exam.”

Mike Czsyz, science teacher:

“I use the exam period not to only test what my students have learned thus far through the year but to help teach students how to prepare for exams in college so they don’t just cram for their tests.”

Bryson Currier, 11th-grade student:

“I’m glad to get exams over with before Christmas break but I wish the holiday season could be a lot less stressful.”

Makayla Carr, ninth-grade student:

Mike Czsyz, science teacher: Mike Czsyz, science teacher: “I’m not too worried about exams, I know that if I study hard and take my time, exams won’t at all be a challenge.”

Michael Holbrook, 10thgrade student:

“Although my Spanish II exam will be the most difficult, I consider myself to be well prepared for exams.”

Bryson Currier, 11th-grade student: Bryson Currier, 11th-grade student:

Makayla Carr, ninth-grade student: Makayla Carr, ninth-grade student:

Michael Holbrook, 10thgrade student: Michael Holbrook, 10thgrade student:

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