2013-11-30 / The Bullhorn

Bill Mercer speaks to RCS students about JFK assassination

On Friday, Nov. 15, Bill Mercer visited Roxboro Community School’s (RCS) high school history classes.

Mercer, originally from Muskogee, Okla., is an American sportscaster, educator, and author. He was also a news reporter for the radio station KRLD covering the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. Following that historic event, Mercer and fellow reporters wrote When the News Went Live, a book about their experiences during that time.

When Kennedy was assassinated, the news officially went live, and Mercer was there to witness it. Mercer got to ask Lee Harvey Oswald a question, face to face, and Oswald answered. Mercer was also present when Oswald was assassinated, only yards away.

The high school history classes said they were lucky to meet this man who carries with him a piece of living American history.

Mercer was brought to RCS by science teacher Mike Czysz and wife, Mary.

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